Assignment for Wednesday, May 29th. You may want to open up a new window or tab in your browser so that the questions and instructions stay up on the screen. Put all of your answers in your notebook. When you finish, you may show the competed work to the sub and you may be dismissed.

Go to Boston Scientific Heart and Blood Vessel Basics

Click on Intro to the Blood Vessels. Answer questions 1-5 below:
1. What are the 3 types of blood vessels?
2. Which type of blood vessels usually carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart?
3. How are the walls of capillaries different from the walls of arteries or veins? Why must the walls of capillaries be like this?
4. What are the names of the largest veins and what is their job? What is the name of the largest artery and what is its job?
5. What is blood pressure? Is it higher when your heart is contracting or relaxing?

Go back to the previous page and click on Heart Chambers. Copy down the chart below into your notes and fill it out

Name of Chamber
Where does it receive blood from?
Where does it pump blood to?




Go back to the previous page and click on Heart Valves. Answer the questions below:

9. What is the job of the heart valves?

10. What is the difference between an atrioventricular (AV) valve and a semilunar valve?

11. Between what two chambers is the mitral valve located? (Click on Figure 2).

Now click on "Blood Flow Through the Heart and Lungs" at the bottom of the page. Answer the question below:

12. Read the information and click on Figure 1. Describe the path of blood through the heart and lungs. Use the Step Through option on the enlargement of Figure 1.

Go back to the previous page and click on "Blood Vessels in Your Heart." Answer the questions below:

13. What is the job of the coronary arteries? What happens if one of them becomes blocked?

14. What is the job of the coronary veins? Where does blood from the coronary veins go?

Now click on "Blood Vessels Outside Your Heart" at the bottom of the page. Answer the question below:

15. What is peripheral vascular disease?

16-21. Fill out the chart below.
Name of Blood Vessel
Where it carries blood to






Click on the link at the left to go to Brigham and Women's Hospital Heath Library.

Choose 3 diseases from the list. For each fill out the information below:
Name of condition
Symptoms (if applicable)