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The purpose of this wiki is to create a collaborative, online learning tool that can be used for lab groups, projects, homework and test review.

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Directions for adding a link or a picture to a page:
Adding a Link:click Link while in the edit mode. Then click External Link and type (or cut and paste) the web address in the appropriate box. You also can enter text to determine how you want the link to appear on your page. Click HERE for a video tutorial if you need to.
Adding a Picture:
To upload a picture, put the picture on the desktop of the computer and then click the File button while you are in theEdit mode. Then click the + Upload File button and select the picture you want to upload. When the picture appears in the menu box on that page, simply click on the name of the picture and it will be inserted onto your page wherever your cursor is located. Add a caption under your picture while in the edit mode and include the url in parentheses after the description.